Ah..forgot about these, these are the photos we had to take in a professional studio to advertise the Halloween show, and they stuck them up as big posters at the school. So over the top! 

The first is a group photo of me Lloyd, Simon, and Esther- again we are dressed so randomly, I am what seems to be Moulin Rouge, Lloyd is a captain, Simon is a pirate, and Esther a witch. 

Then Lloyds photo

Then mine, then Esther’s.

Here is a couple the school took, a group photo (im in the back about 2 or 3 rows from the back near the left) and you can see just how random all the costumes are buy they have the whole school (all the staff) dress up!

And me at the bottom during the evening, just before the show

The first photo is me and my friend Carol getting ready,

the next is some of the girls in their costumes -Rachel, Kathy, Ada, and Ashely as magicians and Kathy was dressed as a Hogwarts student

Then Farah in a dress

Then Carol as a magician

Then me as the principal 

(these are the photos I took)

Happy Halloween!

So we have been preparing for the big halloween show for a while since the school charge the parents to come and see it they treat it as a pretty big deal! The play is loosely based on Harry Potter but doesn’t really make that much sense as the kids danced to Mamma Mia to begin with and we ended by having all us teachers dance to the Beatles song I want to hold your hand but anyway I was the Principal of the magic school and I have posted some photos up from the show.

Difficult to capture how pretty this place was, the photos don’t do it justice.

Photo 1- A bit of flower art and a lion

Photo 2- inside where some messages from political visitors including one from Geoffrey Howe- former cabinet MP during Thatcher years

Photo 3 and 4- more surrounding gardens and ponds

Photo 5-This is called the ‘Ancient Tablet Veranda - with poem steles on the walls

Photo 6- more views

Photo 1- The entrance steps to the park/area

Photo 2- Can see how close the nature is to the city

Photo 3-A bronze statue of Yue Fei (a Hun general i think)

Photo 4- Me and Kathy ( A Taiwanese teacher who has looked after me so much)

Photo 5- A view of the Yellow Crane tower from a smaller tower we went up first

Photo 6- The Millennium Lucky Bell

Photo 7-Front of the Yellow Crane Tower

Photo 8- Inside the tower a tiled mural depicting the crane and the tower

Photo 9- A view from the tower

Photo 10- me at the back of the tower with a bronze statue of the crane standing on a turtle with a snake

(it was very hot about 30 degrees in october! it became colder the very next day!) 

1st photo- Me at the Bund

2nd photo- Bali themed restaurant in the park

3rd photo- tiny kittens in the park

4th photo- me at the park (with a filter added to the photo)

5th photo- giant apple store entrance that happened to be at the mall where we went to see the movie ‘Jobs’ about Steve Jobs -Apple founder

6th photo- outside the mall, Esther and the Pearl building

Third and Final Day

We went to the Bund which is basically a strip of historic buildings and also a street where you can see all of the business area buildings from across the water. We also went to a park where there was a Bali themed restaurant by a lake that was so pretty (too expensive to eat there so we just took photos) and also cute kitties running around. In the evening we went to a shopping mall and outside was the building called the pearl (see photos its tall and thin with a pink pearl shape in the middle).